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Motion Simulation

The Motion Simulator in the MotionMind Engine can simulate any pure motion (math-based motion) on a monitor screen. This capacity is extremely useful for educational and new-function-design purposes. The motions created in Swan and in the Simulator are, in principle, the same. Confirm the fact on Educational/Research Robot page and on Pure Motion page. 

In reality, however, Swan's motion cannot avoid odometry errors and, after a long trip, the estimation of its position and direction degrade. On the other hand, the motion simulator does not produce any odometry errors; it can simulate an extremely complex and fine motion without errors as you can see.

We simulate eleven pure motions here (the tenth one, "Curvature Motion", actually includes six individual motions). Most of them have the corresponding Swan's real video demos on Omega-Mode Motions I, Curvature-Controlled Motions, or Line/Circle Tracking Motions pages:

1. Park Forward

2. Park Backward

3. Line Tracking

4. Regular Polygon

5. Star

6. Circle Tracking

7. Circle Train

8. Circle Ring

9. Hamburger

10. Curvature Motion

11. Cyclone


To run a function, select it from the "Select Function" menu. It will give you deeper insight on the principles of the MotionMind motion-control algorithms. Each function requires a unique set of parameters. A default value for each parameter is preset for your convenience. You can change a parameter to see how it affects the motion. The unit of a length, a radius, an length, a distance, a smoothness, and an X/Y coordinate is a centimeter. The unit of a direction is a degree. The interval of reference blue lines in the screen is 100 centimeters in both X and Y coordinates.


Effect of smoothness (>0) in line/circle tracking:

A larger smoothness produces a smoother/larger turn in motion; a smaller smoothness a sharper one. For some functions, a too large smoothness might not produce an expected result.




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